"A riveting work of engaging fiction, The Grandmaster admirably serves to introduce a gifted writer at the top of his creative game."
--- The Midwest Book Review


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The Grandmaster

What people are saying about The Grandmaster:

  • “The Grandmaster is a cleverly concocted novella combining tragedy and hope from the bleakest sadness and intolerable cruelty to an unconditional kindness." --- Norm Goldman, bookpleasures.com
  • "The Grandmaster is a remarkable story that illustrates both the depths of depravity humanity is capable of, as well as the boundless strength of the human spirit." --- clubreading.com
  • "Grandmaster is an exceptional view on the horrors of the Holocaust. This is truly a rambling tale of the mind and the paranormal realm. Definitely a holocaust story within it own rights. This book is a fascinating read!" ---Ghostwriter Literary Reviews

The Grandmaster is available now at Amazon.com, and Bards and Sages.

The characters of The Grandmaster are now used as role playing characters. Check it out!

The Grandmaster Public Readings:

In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror


Peter A. Balaskas is your host as he escorts you into his very own extraordinary soiree of speculative short fiction.  Let’s hear what others have to say about Peter’s “house”:

  • “The writing is sophisticated and sparkles with this author's passion for telling a suspenseful tale. The book is well structured in the way the atmosphere in these eight stories is established early on, allowing the characters and the unexpected plot twists to develop believably and yet always achieving the author's intention. The author writes engaging narratives of an interesting assortment of believable characters, and the paranormal elements are well integrated. These various characters are, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to carry this volume of tales, which prompts the reader's interest in always wanting to know what will happen next; a most exciting thriller in the tradition of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.” --- 20th Annual Writer's Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards, Judge's Commentary
  • “A simple house can hold a whole army of terror beneath it. In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror is a collection of short fiction from Peter A. Balaskas as he enters the arena of fear and terror, catching a bit of shock in bite sized chunks. With plenty to keep pages turning, In Our House is a choice addition to any short fiction or horror collection. Recommended.” --- The Midwest Book Review
  • “Like Patricia Highsmith or even early Stephen King, Balaskas is shaping himself into a modern master of magic and terror. Not just the magic of the supernatural, but the simple magic between people; not just the terror of the monstrous, but the scare of ordinary people pushed to extraordinary extremes and desperate measures with catastrophic consequences.” --- Marlon James, NY Times Editor's Choice and LA Book Prize Finalist of John Crow's Devil and The Book of Night Women
  • “In his short story collection In Our House, Peter Balaskas delights in presenting to us terrible men and then further delights in delivering to them their well-earned comeuppance." A wicked read.” --- David Fuller, Edgar Award Nominee for Sweetsmoke
  • In Our House is a mosaic of prosaic poetry at its twisted finest; intense, plot-driven stories bent on creativity and warped with mischief. Step aside King, Bradbury, and Poe, for a new master to the genre has arrived.” --- Michael Mehas, author of Stolen Boy
  • “Set in what Hawthorne called that neutral territory...where the Actual and Imaginary may meet, these stories plumb the night side of our collective unconsciousness with the wit and skill of a seasoned storyteller. At his best, in stories like Crossing the Styx and Wash Cycle, Peter Balaskas makes the distinction between speculative fiction and literary fiction all but irrelevant: simply put, he keeps us reading.” --- Pete Duval, author of Rear View

In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror is available now at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Bards and Sages.

On October 10, 2010, THE NEW SHORT FICTION SERIES in Hollywood featured In Our House as part of their performance reading series. One month later, the book was accepted for publication. Check out the photos of this fun event here.

Check out the first review for In Our House at Fantastic Adventures.

Peter's Interviews regarding In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror, the writing process, writing horror, and the pitfalls of an university creative writing program:

Peter reads from In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror at Vroman's Bookstore: Pasadena, CA

Triptych: An Omnibus of Wonder

Bards and Sages Publishing is proud to present Triptych: An Omnibus of Wonder. Triptych features three complete works from award-winning author Peter A. Balaskas:

  • The Grandmaster: Welcome to the Wagner Institute for Mental Treatment and Investigations. Since 1966, Dr. Johann Wagner has guided his team of paranormal investigators and psychologists in solving supernatural crimes and unlocking the secrets of the human mind. But now a horror from his past has come back to destroy not only Wagner, but everything he has built. Wagner once used his paranormal powers to escape the horrors of the Holocaust, but can his aging mind and body stop the terror that has returned to claim him?”
  • The Chameleon's Addiction: In this gothic horror novella, outsider Reynard Malory's introduction to the eccentric Boccaccio Club promises a final chance to find a place where he belongs. The price for joining this exclusive club may be more than Reynard wants to pay, but the choice may no longer be his to make.”
  • In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror: This collection of short stories takes readers on a dark journey into that shadow realm between the real and surreal, where ordinary people find themselves confronted by extraordinary things. Close the windows. Lock the doors. Check under the bed. And make yourself at home...in our house.”

Triptych: An Omnibus of Wonder is available now at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble